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One to One Training 

Although all of the standard courses cover the relevant subject thoroughly, you may find that a more specific level of training is required.  One to One training is proving very popular.  It allows the delegate the opportunity to investigate new areas of IT or to understand and learn fresh approaches to specific problems. 

  • Make documents look more effective

  • Make the presentation of ideas have more impact

  • Use a spreadsheet to its full potential

  • Learn how to put together a report more effectively

  • Understand how to analyse data

  • Communicate more efficiently

  • Make full use of the Internet

  • Take more control of your PC

All of these, and more areas, can be covered as part of a One to One training session.  Sessions can last for the amount of time you choose, which enables you to create your own course.  If a full day seems too long, or you have specific requirements, this is the training route for you.

Publisher level 1

  • Publisher basics

  • Using wizards

  • Using templates

  • Paper layout

  • Working with text

  • Creating headers/footers

  • Text frames and columns

  • Working with clip art

  • Drawing shapes and working with graphics

  • Creating a newsletter

Publisher level 2

  • Personal information sets

  • Text frame features

  • Editing graphics

  • Galleries & colours

  • Styles & templates

  • Page backgrounds

  • Page setup

  • Complex documents

  • Templates

  • Mail merge

Outlook level 1

  • Outlook basics

  • Working with mail messages

  • Display and respond to a mail message

  • Attach an external file to a mail message

  • Sort the inbox listing

  • Folders

  • Restore a deleted mail message

  • Contacts

  • Using the calendar

  • Outlook notes feature

Outlook level 2

  • Mail message options

  • Controlling messages

  • Using rules

  • Schedule a single and recurring appointment

  • Meeting requests

  • Permissions

  • Working with contacts

  • Task lists

  • Managing projects with tasks

  • Setting options

Email and Internet Course Outline

  • What is email?

  • Send a mail message

  • Display and respond to a mail message

  • Attach an external file to a mail message

  • Move a mail message into a new folder

  • Edit and delete a mail message

  • What is the internet?

  • History of the web

  • Web browsers

  • Using internet explorer

  • Searching for web pages

  • Hints and tips

  • Web pages

  • E-commerce

  • Jargon busting

Windows Course Outline

  • Computer basics

  • The mouse and shortcut menus

  • The windows environment

  • The desktop/taskbar

  • Running programs

  • File management

  • My computer

  • Managing documents & folders

  • Working with disks & drives

  • Customizing your screen

  • Searching for files/folders

  • The windows registry

  • Overview of Word & Excel

  • Installing & removing software

  • Using WinZip

Microsoft Certified Trainer    

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