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Word Course Level 1

Suitable for people who use word but would like to present documents in a more processional way

  • Word basics
  • Apply a new font and size to text

  • Move and copy text blocks

  • Create a numbered/bulleted list

  • Indent a paragraph

  • Use the tab command

  • Set and clear tab stops

  • Line spacing in a document

  • Text alignment in a document

  • Proofing tools

  • Add a header/footer to a document

  • Printing and page setup

Word Course Level 2

For existing users of Word who wish to learn more about its features.  This course is an ideal follow on from the level 1 course.

  • Shortcuts
  • Define and insert an autotext entry
  • Using autocorrect
  • Create and format a table
  • Working with tables
  • Vertical text
  • Create parallel columns in a document
  • Graphics
  • WordArt
  • Charts
  • Run a mail merge

Word Course Level 3

For more experienced users of Word who may have to write longer documents or reports.

  • Working with section breaks
  • Mixing headers and footers
  • Creating and using styles
  • Outline view
  • Create a table of contents
  • Create an index
  • Customising word
  • Field codes
  • Using field codes in templates
  • Macros
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