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Excel Course Level 1 

For users of Excel who are not confident with formulas and would like to learn how to create and format a spreadsheet.

  • Excel basics
  • Working with formulae
  • Autosum function
  • Average function
  • Automatically fill a range
  • Move and copy cell entries
  • Insert new rows and columns into a worksheet
  • Formatting cells
  • Add a border and shading to a worksheet
  • Change the page setup and preview a worksheet
  • Headers and footers

Excel Course Level 2 

For users of Excel who understand basic formulas but dont understand formulas with brackets to control the order of calculations.  They would already be able to format a spreadsheet but would not know how to sort or filter data lists.  Charting is also covered. 

  • Shortcuts
  • Work with absolute cell references
  • Percentage formula
  • More functions
  • Enter a formula to link related worksheets
  • Create links between workbooks
  • Charts
  • Hiding rows and columns
  • Sort database records
  • Filter database records
  • Use the subtotal feature
  • Controlling the screen
  • Conditional formatting

Excel Course Level 3

For users of Excel who already feel comfortable with formulas but would like to learn about complex functions in Excel like nested IFs or Vlookups.  They would also like to learn about protecting part or all of a spreadsheets and would like to use Macros to automate repetitive tasks in Excel.

  • Define a range name

  • Advanced functions

  • Lookup tables

  • Outline a worksheet

  • Create and display a view

  • Protecting a workbook

  • Protecting part of a workbook

  • Goal seek

  • Scenarios

  • Create a pivot table

  • Macros

All versions of Excel are covered.

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