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Access Course - Level 1

A course ideal for anyone who has never setup a database and would like to learn about the process.  Shows how to create objects in Access such as Tables Forms Queries and Reports

  • Access basics

  • Create a new database and table

  • Enter records in datasheet view

  • Create a form

  • Enter records in form view

  • Use the find feature

  • Modify the datasheet view of a table

  • Sort the records in a table

  • Create and apply a filter

  • Create and run a query

  • Modify a query

  • Create a simple tabular report

  • Import spreadsheet data into an access table

Access Course - Level 2

For existing users of Access who would like to learn more about its capabilities.  The course explains how to modify the design of Access objects (Tables Forms etc) and use more advanced database design.

  • Control a table’s design

  • Specify a default field value

  • Validate field information

  • Work with multiple tables

  • Create a relationship between two tables

  • Design a custom form

  • Sub-forms

  • Include multiple conditions in a query

  • Parameter queries

  • Calculation in queries

  • Create a report with summary information



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